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Many people picture advanced riding clubs as being full of humourless, Pan European/BMW-riding fuddy-duddies wearing hi viz vests. We do have a few Pans and BMWs in the group and we welcome all types of motorcyclist, but we’re certainly not interested in taking the fun out of motorcycling. In fact, increasing your skills not only increases your safety and life expectancy, but is a whole lot of fun!

If you’re a biker you’ll know the sad statistics that we’re constantly being reminded of, but you may not know that if you reach the ‘advanced’ test level, you’re up to 66% less likely to be involved in a road collision. That’s got to be worth pursuing hasn’t it?

Our courses are based on Motorcycle Roadcraft, the professional training manual used by Police motorcyclists throughout the United Kingdom. The IAM book How to be a Better Rider is our principal reference book for the test and associate members (you, when you sign up) receive a free copy as part of the course. You’ll need to study both books, as you’ll require a sound knowledge to apply their principles to your biking. Following your first Super Sunday run, if you sign up for an Advanced Rider course, you’ll be allocated a Team Tutor Observer, within a week or so, to coach you through the course using a number of practical rides on local roads.

Our Advanced Rider course package and costs £149

The price includes:

  • IAM book How to be a Better Rider
  • Your Test fee
  • 12 months IAM National Associate Membership which changes to Full membership on passing your test. The 12 months starts again on the monthly anniversary of the date you originally signed up ie 12 months in total.
  • 12 months BAM Associate Membership is also included (IAM & BAM are two separate charities). We give you free Full Membership of BAM on Passing your Test to the end of the our Membership Year which is 31st December.
  • On-road coaching via observed rides (the average is 6-8) with your own allocated observer.

The Bristol Group is run entirely by volunteers with support from paid staff at IAM House in London. The two organisations are separate charities, but work together with a common goal.

You will need the latest copy of the Highway code and we’d also advise that you to purchase Motorcycle Roadcraft. The observed rides are free, although the associate (you) is expected to contribute towards the observer’s petrol and running costs. The contribution is £10 per run (up to a maximum total of £100) and the average number of observed rides required to reach test standard is approximately 6 to 8. All in all, that’s pretty good value when you consider that you’ll normally get a couple of hours of practical coaching per ride.

If you have already signed up for an Advanced Rider course via the National IAM website you will still need to contact our Membership Secretary using the email address:membership @ Bring all the copies of your paid SFL forms to your first Super Sunday.

If in doubt, come along and check out one of our monthly, evening meetings. Details are on the left hand side of this page.

Ride safe,

Billy Burns

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